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The real story behind the Elsa cake ‘fail’ is actually very sweet

On the internet, things aren’t always as they seem.

You may have seen a picture of a haggard-looking Elsa cake floating around the internet (ahem). But it turns out the cake wasn’t the result of a mishap at a local bakery, as a viral image implied.

The cake was actually created by charity Icing Smiles, a nonprofit organization that makes cakes for sick kids in need and their families.

The “failed” Elsa cake was being compared to one on the McGreevy Cakes website. The baker there had a few words to say about the internet’s response to Icing Smiles’ version.

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After seeing her post, Icing Smiles decided to tell the world what the real story was behind the Elsa cake.

And Lisa Grant, the baker herself, also commented on McGreevy’s post.

“Thank you so much for this post, as you most know I am the baker of the other cake. The cake was made for Icing smiles ,for a really sick little girl. Yes I know the cake looks a HOT MESS …… BUT here is the back story …I had just lost my grandmother I had been with my Mom all day comforting her ,I came back to work on the cake I HAD 2 hours to get it done and delivered ,I was so upset I remember asking for prayer on Facebook to get it done. As I leave to deliver the cake it started raining cat’s and dog’s as I was taking the cake out of the truck the top of the box blows back and the cake get soaking wet . So the photo that was posted was after I had wiped her face with a paper towel . Yes I’ve seen all the really mean comments ,some even posted by some of my so called cake friends that know it’s my cake . At the end of the day ,I DIDN’T let that sick baby down l gave it all I had to give…”

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We’re also glad to hear that the little girl who received the cake loved it. At the end of the day, though by the baker’s own admission the cake was a “hot mess,” it was created out of love and generosity in the baker’s limited free time and made a sick kid happy. I think we can all agree that’s a great thing.

If you want to learn more about Icing Smiles, how you can support them and how to get involved, you can visit their website.

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