KFC pizza chicken looks like something we’ve seen before

KFC Hong Kong has unveiled a new chicken-pizza mashup, but this concept doesn’t really seem that new.

Isn’t breaded and fried chicken topped with marinara sauce and cheese chicken Parm? Sorry to steal your thunder, KFC.

According to one brave Kitchenette reader who volunteered his services to taste test the new Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken, the chicken does indeed have a bone, along with red sauce, rubbery cheese and indeterminate herbs. His assessment was that is “tastes like despair.”

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Now, if you’re going into this thinking that you’re going to get gourmet chicken Parm from KFC, you’re probably going to be disappointed. But if you go into it thinking you’re going to get deliciously greasy, perfectly crispy fried chicken topped with sauce and “cheese,” you’re probably in for a treat. I can think of worse things than fried chicken with faux cheese.

The good news for all of us not in Hong Kong is that we can easily make this crazy “new” Frankenfood at home. You can make a classic chicken Parm, or you can channel KFC and go a little nuts.

How about Mexican-style chicken Parm?

mexican chicken parm

Or maybe turn chicken Parm into bite-size muffins?

chicken parm muffins

Or how about chicken Parm meatballs?

chicken parm meatballs

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Or, if you’re really craving the KFC version, may I suggest bringing a bucket of crispy fried chicken home, spreading some sauce over the top, covering it in cheese and putting it under the broiler for a few minutes? Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken, hacked.


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