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Watermelon caipirinha: The Brazilian cocktail you should get to know

Caipirinhas may just be the new mojitos, so it’s worth getting to know the drink you see dotting bar menus — especially when you can make your own watermelon version to start Friday off right!

Technically caipirinhas are Brazilian, not Cuban, but they have a similar flavor profile to mojitos. Whereas the latter employ mint, lime and sugar, caipirinhas leave out the mint. And instead of rum, they feature a distinctive liquor called cachaça (a spirit made from fermented and distilled sugar cane juice). The good news is that cachaça has become pretty mainstream these days. It’s easy to find in your local liquor store, and it’s relatively affordable.

My favorite version of a caipirinha involves a big glug of fresh watermelon. I can’t think of anything more refreshing for the dog days of summer.

watermelon caipirinha

Watermelon caipirinha recipe

A refreshing summer cocktail similar to a mojito, amped up with fresh watermelon.

Yields 2

Total time: 5 minutes


  • 1 cup cubed watermelon
  • 1/2 lime, cut into wedges
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 shots cachaça
  • Crushed ice


  1. Place the watermelon cubes into a blender, and blend until pureed.
  2. Place the lime wedges and sugar into a cocktail shaker, and muddle.
  3. Add the watermelon puree, cachaça and crushed ice to the shaker, and shake well.
  4. Pour into chilled glasses, garnish with extra lime, and serve.

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