Rice Krispies Treats shot glasses might make breakfast drinking acceptable

Jul 6, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Cereal is breakfast food; we all know this to be true. By applying that same very sound logic, we can deduce that shot glasses made out of Rice Krispies are also breakfast food. (Otherwise known as the best breakfast food ever.)

rice krispies treats shot glasses

Image: Oh, Bite It!

File this one under "perks of being an adult." Not only do you get to indulge in Rice Krispies Treats shot glasses filled with vodka-laced pudding, but you also get to decide if you want to eat them for breakfast. No judgment here.

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rice krispies treats shot glasses with whipped cream

Image: Oh, Bite It!

You have Amy of Oh, Bite It! to thank for this lovely creation that your kids will be totally jealous of. Head over to her blog to find out how to make these bad boys. The challenge will be in not pouring the hot, boozy pudding directly from the pan into your mouth. Just focus on the end game... you want to experience those shots in all their glory.

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