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Oreo Thins will change the way you eat your favorite cookie

Oreo just introduced the world to a “skinny” version of itself that is just over half as thick as its regular cookies.

This obviously raises the question: Does that mean we get to eat even more Oreos the next time we pick up a box? Yes, my friends. The answer is yes.

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The new cookies are being billed as “light, crisp, and delicate,” and apparently have the same carefully calculated cookie-to-creme ratio as the classic. But since you can have more per serving than with your traditional Oreo, it also means your cookie-dunk-per-snack-time ratio is about to go way up. Which is obviously the best news ever.

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Not only will Oreo Thins be available with the usual chocolate-and-creme-filling combo, but you’ll also be able to pick up golden Oreo Thins and mint Oreo Thins for when you’re feeling adventurous. Look for them on shelves July 13.

What will Oreo come up with next? Hopefully not a partnership with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos…

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