Ramen doughnuts are the latest and greatest way to get your noodle fix

Sometimes the key to creative cooking is using what you already have in abundance, and if you’re anything like me, that means figuring out what to do with the dozens of packs of cheap ramen you have littering your pantry shelves.

Hey, ramen’s already, like, six packs for a dollar, so when it’s on sale, I feel like a true grocery store baller.

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Though you could turn to one of many ramen hacks to improve your noodles or even try to go healthy and make a salad, I think the Ramnut from Culinary Bro-Down is the most worthy of metamorphoses for your ramen.

And apparently we’re not the only ones who think so. Foodbeast was so inspired by the recipe that they served it at the OC Night Market in Costa Mesa, California, and then made a video for all you ramen hoarders out their who are eager to try something new with your doomsday-prepper levels of freeze-dried noodle bricks.

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The whole thing is pretty simple. Boil your ramen in some prepared horchata, mix with eggs, freeze, cut, fry and fill. Slightly more involved than dumping a seasoning packet into a pot, but definitely more exciting — and making something exciting out of a food so boring is truly what culinary life is all about.

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