Channing Tatum cookies look just as delicious as the real thing (VIDEO)

Jun 25, 2015 at 12:30 p.m. ET
Image: Via AOL

Channing Tatum or cookies? That's a tough one... They're both just so delicious.

Magic Mike gif

Image: Giphy

Luckily, if you're ever presented with such a choice, you now have the option to choose the best of both worlds: Channing Tatum's torso in cookie form.

Magic Mike XXL cookies

Image: AOL

You know you want to peek under that censor strip.

These Magic Mike XXL-inspired cookies would be perfect bachelorette party favors, or, you know, just to make and stare at. Both are good.

I'm no cookie-decorating master, but they actually don't look too hard. (Well, the abs do. Hey-oh!) Watch the full tutorial below. Or scroll back up and watch the GIF 95 more times. Either way, enjoy.

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