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7 Quick snacks to have on hand for grazing kids

It never fails. You just finish the dinner dishes, sit down on the couch to space out for a couple of seconds before the bedtime ritual begins and you hear it. “Mom, I’m huuuuuunnggry!”

Ugh. No way.

Sure you could get mad about the two hours you just spent making your family’s dinner that your 6-year-old refused to eat. But no matter. You’re prepared.

Kids like to graze. They eat a little bit several times a day, and having a fridge arsenal stocked with wholesome and tasty snacks for anytime is every smart mama’s secret weapon.

Here are a few ideas for quick and easy snacks to have prepped ahead of time for hungry kids.

1. Pinwheel sandwiches


Image: SheKnows

These pinwheel sandwiches are an easy snack you can make ahead with almost any ingredients to please even the pickiest eaters. The best part is that they’re so easy to make you can recruit the kids to help.

2. No-bake carrot cake energy bites


Image: SheKnows

Do yourself a favor and make a ginormous batch of these delicious little beauties for a go-to snack you can feel good about giving the kids since it’s chock full of goodies like raisins and pecans.

3. Mini corn dog muffins


Image: SheKnows

What could be better than this classic favorite turned into a make-ahead masterpiece the kids will love? Not much. Just whip up a batch of these mini corn dog muffins — use nitrate-free hot dogs for healthier snacking — and freeze a few for later. Serve these alongside ketchup and mustard for dipping.

4. Fruit and yogurt ice pops


Image: SheKnows

A little fresh fruit and yogurt sweetened up and frozen into these yogurt ice pops make a creamy snack for hungry kids. Make several at the beginning of the week — especially as the weather heats up — and keep them on hand for a quick treat anytime the hunger pangs strike.

5. Chicken Parmesan meatballs


Image: SheKnows

Make a big batch of these bite-size chicken Parmesan meatballs and break them out when the kids need a snack. Serve a few alongside some marinara for dipping.

6. Frozen banana bites


Image: SheKnows

Even though these frozen banana bites only have three easy ingredients, your kids will think they’re really into the gourmet stuff. You’re such a good mom. Have they told you that lately? Well you are.

7. Toasted coconut bars


Image: SheKnows

Another home run snack with just a few ingredients, these toasted coconut bars aren’t just super simple to whip together, they’re good for you with ingredients like protein-packed nuts, coconut and dates. These make a hunger-busting, energy-boosting snack for on-the-go kiddos.

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