Sriracha Jell-O shots in hot peppers will heat up happy hour

Jun 23, 2015 at 11:01 a.m. ET

If you want to impress guests at your next party, these Sriracha Jell-O shots made inside halved Fresno chilies are sure to do the trick.

There are all sorts of crazy flavored vodkas out there, like cotton candy and whipped cream, but most of them skew to the sweet side.

However, over at Oh, Bite It! they discovered something magical: Sriracha vodka! Combined with cherry Jell-O, you wind up with a sweet and spicy shot that will keep everyone's taste buds tingling.

sriracha jello shots

Image: Oh, Bite It!

For even more pizzazz, they're made in halved red Fresno chilies. These eye-catching shots look dangerously irresistible; any Sriracha-heads out there are going to be in serious trouble with these around.

Sriracha Jello shots

Image: Oh, Bite It!

The only condiment I can think of that people go as crazy for as they do over Sriracha is ketchup, and since as far as I know ketchup Jell-O shots don't exist (and I refuse to Google it, because sometimes ignorance is bliss), these are bound to be a huge hit.

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