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8 Delicious lemonade recipes for summer

What could be better on a hot, hot day than a tall glass of lemonade? As refreshing as the original, plain-and-simple version can be, you can easily enjoy a flavored lemonade drink with not much extra effort. Give these options a try for a little variety on a hot day.

You probably have a basic lemonade recipe you love, but just in case, here is one to try. For the most part, you can follow the basic lemonade recipe and add different ingredients and techniques to the mix to brighten things up.

Lemonade tips

When adding herbs like mint or basil, use a muddler or the back of a wooden spoon to lightly press on the herbs to help bring out their essence.

Certain fruits and dried herbs (like raspberries, edible dried lavender and fresh grated ginger) can be added to the simple syrup mixture as it boils, in order to add flavor. For ginger, remove the simple syrup from the heat, add a lid and let it sit for 10 minutes. Strain out the solid pieces of fruit or herbs from the simple syrup mix before adding to the lemonade.

More lemonade recipes:

Blueberry lemonade


Not only is this lemonade tinted with beautiful color, it incorporates a fruit you don’t see often in lemonade. This blueberry lemonade is a delight from Damn Delicious.

Image: Damn Delicious

Cilantro-cucumber boozy lemonade


This is an “adults-only” lemonade that promises great flavor. Cilantro-cucumber boozy lemonade from Nutmeg Nanny makes a perfect summer cocktail.

Image: Nutmeg Nanny

Copycat Chick-Fil-A frosted lemonade


No need to run out for a frosty drink when you have this recipe for Copycat Chick-Fil-A frosted lemonade from Life Love Liz. What better way to cool off than with this drink?

Image: Life Love Liz

Ginger mint lemonade


You’ll find vodka in this grown-up ginger mint lemonade drink from Culinary Ginger. A bit of cranberry juice adds color and flavor to this pretty drink.

Image: Culinary Ginger

Cranberry lemonade


Cranberries and Meyer lemons? We say, “yes, please” to this recipe for cranberry lemonade from Christina’s Cucina. We’re thinking of this gorgeous drink today, but it’s perfect for the fall, too.

Image: Christina’s Cucina

Frozen strawberry lemonade


If you’re looking for a frozen lemonade treat that’s not too sweet, nor sour, frozen strawberry lemonade from As Easy As Apple Pie is for you!

Image: As Easy As Apple Pie

Sparkling honey rosemary lemonade


With its honey-rosemary simple syrup, you’ll enjoy the sweet, herbed flavors in this elegant sparkling honey-rosemary lemonade from Nutmeg Nanny. Perfect for summer entertaining.

Image: Nutmeg Nanny

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More lemonade recipes to try

Watermelon and strawberry lemonade
Copycat passion iced tea lemonade
Strawberry-lemonade cocktail

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