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3 Ways to get more Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in your life (VIDEO)

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have a cult following for a reason.

They’re spicy, cheesy, crunchy and just generally addicting. Having fingers coated in orange cheese powder used to carry something of a stigma, but if they’re neon red? It’s just like a signal to other Hot Cheetos fanatics that you know what’s up.

But if you’re used to enjoying them only straight from the bag, you’re missing out. It turns out a lot of foods can be vastly improved by the spicy, crunchy, umami flavor of Hot Cheetos.

1. Hot Cheetos mozzarella sticks

flamin' hot cheetos mozzarella sticks

Hot Cheetos-coated mozzarella sticks basically combine two of the greatest snacks of all time. Melted, gooey cheese with a hint of spice and as much artifical red coloring as your little heart desires? Pretty much a cheese lover’s heaven.

2. Hot Cheetos marshmallow treats

flamin' hot cheetos marshmallow treats

This sounds crazy, but bear with me. Every good snack is all about a balance of flavors and textures, and what could be more addicting than sweet, salty, spicy, buttery, crunchy and chewy all in one? Try it; you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Or you’ll hate them. But either way, you’ll know you’ve lived life to the fullest.

3. Hot Cheetos mango margarita

flamin' hot cheetos margarita

Spicy margaritas are already the bomb, so subbing out your marg’s salted rim for salty, spicy, crushed Hot Cheetos makes total sense. Just make sure to wipe your lips after each sip, or you’ll wind up with a red ring around your mouth like a kid who’s had too much fruit punch.

See how to make all three in the video below, and prepare for some epic snackage.

All images: BuzzFeedBlue/YouTube

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