Harry Potter pancakes are the most magical breakfast ever (GIFs)

Jun 18, 2015 at 7:34 p.m. ET

Magic. It has to be. How else would you explain these Harry Potter pancakes?

I mean, for starters, I couldn't even make a perfectly round pancake, let alone a face. And I'm talking just a regular ol' smiley face, not a crazy realistic version of each character from Harry Potter.

But apparently I am an underachiever when it comes to pancakes. The man (and by man I mean breakfast wizard) behind Saipancakes is clearly the opposite.

Behold the insanely accurate portrayals of Harry Potter characters in pancake form. Bonus points for the magic wand action on each flip.

Dumbledore, who I love so hard I don't think I could eat his face

dumbledore pancake GIF

Snape, who looks smug as ever even as a breakfast food

snape pancake GIF

Ron Weasley, who just needs a little tint of red in the hair

ron weasley pancake GIF

Hermione Granger, who still looks perpetually annoyed with the world

hermione granger pancake GIF

Dobby, whose face I would relish eating (sorry, not my favorite)

bobby pancake gif

And last but not least, Harry Potter, complete with lightning-shaped scar

harry potter pancake gif

All images: GIFsBOOM via Nathan Shields/YouTube

You can watch all the magic (see what I did there?) happen in the full video below.


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