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McDonald’s is bringing back the McLobster sandwich, plus poutine with bacon


McDonald’s doesn’t generally offer a cultural experience when it comes to food, but that’s all changing this summer in Canada. It has infused local flavours and products into five new menu items to celebrate the culinary creations Canadians love.

The bad news is that the items are only available for a limited time, with some sticking around for only about a week. In fact, you’ve already missed your chance to try the Cottage Country Chicken sandwich. So get in on the Canadian food tour while it lasts. Be sure to save the date for the maple and bacon poutine, if nothing else.

1. Western BBQ Burger

At first glance, you might think this burger is more representative of Texas, but the beef comes from right here in Canada. And despite what the majority of Texas might think, Canadians really do make the best barbecue sauce in North America.

McDonald's Western Burger

Image: McDonald’s

2. McLobster

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has introduced the McLobster, and despite the dismal reviews in the past, you can’t really celebrate Canadian food without including it. So we hope they’ve made some tweaks so that it will be a hit this time.


Image: McDonald’s

3. Maple and bacon poutine

Poutine is an obvious choice, but we love the maple and bacon upgrade. We’ll probably never eat poutine without it ever again.

Maple & Bacon poutine

Image: McDonald’s

4. Chocolate Nanaimo Sundae

We don’t really care what this is celebrating or what region it represents — we just want it.

Chocolate Nanaimo Sundae

Image: McDonald’s

Eat and win

The upside to its summer menu isn’t just some new items to try; you could also win anything from a Canadian adventure to a year’s worth of maple syrup just by trying one of the items and snapping a picture.

McDonald's Flavour Passport

Image: McDonald’s

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