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Burger King Japan’s red burger is actually colored with something natural

Red is the new black, apparently. At least in Japan.

Last year, Burger King Japan introduced us to black burgers, complete with black buns, black sauce and black cheese, of course.

This year, they’ve gone red. The new Aka Samurai Chicken and Aka Samurai Beef burgers are a pile of brightly hued ingredients, as pictured here. Yes, even the faux cheese is red.

burger king japan red burger ingredients

But because Burger King didn’t want its comments section to be full of pearl-clutching food dye haters, it opted for something a little more natural to achieve the red effect. That’s right… You’ll be happy to know that your faux cheese is colored with tomato powder, as are the buns. The “angry” sauce (which could’ve been a little more red and less brown, if I’m being picky) is made from miso paste and hot pepper sauce.

burger king japan red burger

The Aka Samurai offerings will be available July 3, with a price tag of 540 yen (US$4.36) for the chicken and 690 yen (US$5.57) for the beef. A small price to pay for such a colorful masterpiece, no?

Those of you who missed out on the original black burger, fear not. The new and improved Kuro Shogun will be rolling out Aug. 21, and I have to admit, it looks a whole lot more appealing than its predecessor.

burger king red and black burger

Tell us: Would you chow down on these unusual sandwiches?

All images: Burger King Japan

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