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How to perfectly barbecue chicken without burning the skin (VIDEO)

Crispy skin is great, but nobody wants blackened skin on their barbecue chicken.

We all know that guy — the one who thinks he’s the barbecue master, but really he’s not. The one who won’t take any advice on cooking because his method is the best. What he doesn’t know is that every time he serves you chicken, you’re trying to decide which part you should eat to avoid illness: the super-charred black skin or the undercooked meat inside.

My advice: Go with the potato salad.

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Now if this would-be master griller would just take five minutes to learn a few things, he could have perfectly cooked chicken every time. Chicken that you would actually want to eat.

As we learn here, there are three easy rules for drool-worthy barbecued chicken. Just three. Watch the video to find out what they are. I’ll give you a hint: If you’re slathering sauce on your raw chicken, you’re doing it wrong.


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