15 Ways to make bacon better than bacon

Jun 23, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. ET

As our bacon obsession rages on, I thought it might be useful to explore some ways to make everyone's favorite salty meat even better. I know, I know... bacon needs no help when it comes to being delicious, but I think you might agree that these ideas don't hurt either.

1. Turn it into a taco


The new and improved taco.

2. Better yet, turn it into a mac 'n' cheese-stuffed taco


Scratch that last one. This is the newer and more improved taco.

3. Put it in a squeeze bottle


Image: Imgur

The jury seems to be out on whether this is a real product, but God, I hope it is. I mean, it's squeezable bacon.

4. Use it to merge hot dogs and hamburgers into turtles


When melding meat with meat, more meat makes it better.

5. Stuff it with peanut butter, and deep-fry it

peanut butter bacon balls

Image: DudeFoods

Bacon. Peanut butter. Deep-fried. All these words are music to my ears.

6. Decorate a cake with it


Bacon > sprinkles. The end.

7. Put ice cream in the middle of it

Image: Imgur

Putting something tasty into bacon is beneficial to both foods.

8. Stuff a grilled cheese into it


More proof to the above comment.

9. Make surf and turf sushi


You can admit it. You don't really like nori.

10. Coat it in Nutella

Nutella ranks up there with bacon on the deliciousness scale, so combining the two makes perfect sense.

11. Add alcohol

bacon shot glass

Image: Oh, Bite It!

The surefire way to make anything better is booze.

12. Stuff it with mashed potato and cheese

mashed potato bacon bombs

Image: Amy Erickson

This ingenious idea takes away the need to sprinkle bacon bits on your potatoes.

13. Encase it in a pancake

bacon-stuffed pancakes

Bacon likes to be kept warm in a snuggly pancake blanket.

14. Make a BLT

Image: Imgur

No, no. Not bacon, lettuce and tomato. This kind of BLT.

15. Make it look like Ron Swanson


Because you can and you should.

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