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For millennials, it’s clearly all about the food (INFOGRAPHIC)

Millennials may be confusing to older generations in a lot of ways, but there’s one thing we know for sure.

Their love of food knows no bounds.

Kids today will sacrifice their cable subscriptions and stick to Netflix if it means they can try a trendy new pizza place or shell out extra for guac at Chipotle. Even though they’re swamped with student loans and have lower incomes than older generations, they still spend more on dining out — because what’s life without a perfect burger every once in a while?

Millennials also feel that dining is social. It may seem ridiculous to spend a meal taking pics of your food, but they’re doing it so they can share the experience with friends. The majority rely on their peers’ opinions when selecting a restaurant and prefer communal tables. And if you’re willing to sit at a crowded table of strangers while dining out, then you must really, really love food.

You can learn more about the dining habits of millennials in the infographic below, but the TL;DR version? For millennials, food is BAE.

Millennials eating habits infographics

Source: Restaurant Marketing Labs

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