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Bacon-scented scratch-offs make the lottery worth it even if you don’t win


SheKnows Editorial

Playing the lottery for cash is so last century.

I mean, who needs money when they could have bacon instead?

Indiana is hip to what the people want, and they’ve combined our lust for meat candy and cash into an unbeatable combo: $2 scratch (and sniff!) tickets.

The lottery tickets smell like bacon, and prizes include a 20-year supply of the stuff (that can be traded in for $5,000 for those of us who’d rather buy it all at once and store it in a second freezer in the basement) and up to $10,000 in cash. But I mean, duh, who wouldn’t prefer the bacon?

Strangely enough, Indiana isn’t the first state to cash in on America’s desire to smell meat while gambling. New Hampshire debuted $1 bacon-scented scratch-off tickets in January.

So whether you like to gamble with your health by eating inordinate amounts of bacon every day or gamble with your wallet by constantly loading up on scratch-off tickets, it sounds like a family vacay to Indiana is on the horizon.

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