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18 Homemade marinades and rubs to kick your grilling game up a notch

There’s nothing wrong with Worcestershire sauce, pronunciation notwithstanding. But why stick to the same old, same old when you can try out these unique marinades?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing some naked meat onto the grill every once in a while. In fact, sometimes it’s just the ticket. But if you’re looking to up your grilling game, you need to check out these marinade and dry rub recipes.

1. Zesty honey-lime marinade recipe


Let’s start off simple with a little something to dress up chicken breasts for your next backyard outing. Plus, there are four other delicious options to choose from.

2. Apple-mustard marinade recipe


Image: Lady Behind the Curtain

An absolute must for the next time you’re thinking of throwing some pork chops onto the grill.

3. Cajun spice mix recipe


Image: Mom on Timeout

This is best on chicken, but why not try it on root vegetables or potatoes too?

4. Balsamic-whiskey marinade recipe


Image: Pepper

This is a perfect example of how sometimes simple, high-quality ingredients are better than all the bells and whistles.

5. Honey-garlic marinade recipe


Image: ifoodreal

Sometimes the best summer meat is a nice salmon fillet. This marinade is simple and crisps up wonderfully while you’re working the grill.

6. All-purpose marinade recipe


Image: Plain Chicken

This one is all-purpose, so you can put it on anything. But look at that picture. Wouldn’t you rather just put it on chicken?

7. Sweet tea pork brine recipe


First of all, if you’ve never brined pork, you need to get on that, stat. Second, sweet tea? I can’t think of a better introduction to the magic of brined meat.

9. Pan-seared salmon spice rub recipe


Image: Immaculate Bites

If you aren’t a lover of honey, ginger or lime, it can be tough to know how to punch up your salmon. This is the perfect place to start.

10. Lamb and pork souvlakia marinade recipe


Image: Figs and Feta

This marinade is perfect for lamb and best paired with a nice tzatziki sauce.

11. Cowboy spice mix recipe


Image: Miss Information

If you put this on anything other than steak or ribs, you’ve really missed the point.

12. Cuban mojo criollo marinade recipe

mojo criollo marinade

Image: The Curious Coconut

Probably the best thing about this particular marinade is that it does double duty as a dressing or dip. Just be sure to keep your batches separate.

13. Whiskey glaze recipe

whiskey glaze

Image: Cooking with Curls

Whiskey. Meat. Need I say more?

14. Sesame-ginger salmon marinade recipe


Image: Damn Delicious

Salmon doesn’t need a whole lot of dressing up to be delicious, but who could argue with a subtle, spicy glaze like this?

15. Island spice mix recipe

island spice rub

Image: The Black Peppercorn

This one is going to be great for seafood, paired with a cocktail that’s served with a tiny umbrella.

16. Cilantro-lime marinade recipe


Image: Gimme Delicious Food

What can you use this cilantro-lime marinade on? How about what can’t you use it on? But seriously, try it on shrimp first. You will not be sorry.

17. Mexican spice rub recipe


Image: Simone’s Kitchen

Please promise me right now that you will forever ditch every packet of fake Mexican spice garbage you find in the soup aisle and make this instead.

18. Mediterranean spice rub recipe

mediterranean spice rub

Image: An Oregon Cottage

Sure, you can buy premixed Mediterranean blends, but why would you when this one can be made so easily and used on everything?

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