Here's how you can get a free breakfast at McDonald's

Jun 3, 2015 at 11:21 a.m. ET

How does a free McDonald's breakfast sound to you?

Well, if you live in the New England states, it could happen. Well, unless you live in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Then you get nothing. Sorry, Fairfieldians!

On Monday, McDonald's announced that at participating restaurants, drive-thru breakfast customers would be given a sand timer at the first window when they pay for their meal. Then the countdown is on; if you don't get your order within 60 seconds, you'll be handed a card that's good for one free breakfast sandwich.


There is a catch, though: You receive your free sandwich only on your next visit. So it's more like "future free breakfast." But by all accounts, any free breakfast is a good one, right?

McDonald's has done similar promotions before, all in the name of moving people through the drive-thru (with the right order!) more quickly. So even if you don't get your free sandwich, you can still chalk it up to a win; the whole point of a drive-thru is efficiency, after all.

Think of it as a modern-day "30 minutes or it's free" pizza delivery schtick. You were going to buy it anyway; if you get a little something for nothing, then that just sweetens the deal.

So there you have it — everything you need to know to potentially receive a free breakfast sandwich at McDonald's, provided you live in the right geographical location. This promotion is for a limited time only, so New Englanders will have until the last week of August to snag a free sammy.

That's also just enough time for a road trip for the rest of us if you're feeling a little left out.

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