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How to make whipped cream with only a Mason jar (VIDEO)


Put down that spray can of whipped cream. You can make the real thing in three minutes, and you don’t even need a whisk.

You’ve slaved over dessert for tonight’s dinner party. Don’t take a shortcut now and defile that gorgeous pastry with a sad dollop of spray can whipped cream. By the time you get it to the table, it’s already melting and runny and doing your creation no favors.

Trust me, I know making homemade whipped cream can be a pain. I’ll admit to being guilty of using the can. (Heck, I’ll even admit to spraying it directly into my mouth while standing in front of the open fridge.) You’ve got to haul out the mixer or hand-whisk until your arm is ready to fall off. But there’s an easier way, and all you need is a Mason jar.

Sure, this method involves a little three-minute workout, but you’re about to be shoveling whipped cream into your face by the spoonful, so a little exercise probably isn’t the worst idea. Watch how easy it is.

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