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The Doritos-crust pizza is the junk food mashup of our dreams (VIDEO)

Cauliflower- and kale-crust pizzas may be all the rage, but the (very aptly named) Vulgar Chef had another idea.

If Taco Bell can figure out how to make Doritos into a taco shell, then why not make them into a pizza crust too?

By simply mixing crushed Doritos with some egg yolks and topping that with cheese, sauce and pepperoni, the ultimate junk food pizza was created. Best of all, it’s super easy, though the Vulgar Chef has a few more ideas — using crushed Doritos in place of flour in a more traditional dough recipe or adding Parmesan cheese to the chips as an extra binding ingredient — but if you’re as lazy as he self-admittedly is, then simple crushed Doritos are totally the way to go.

You can see how he did it below — and brace yourself for some language that’s as bold and spicy as the Doritos themselves.

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