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Eatable News: The Cronut emoji, Save Our Swirled ice cream and more


You’re probably here for the Cronut emoji, so I won’t keep you.

But first be sure to check out last week’s most eatable news. Edible stackable LEGOs are something you definitely need in your life.

1. The Cronut emoji is officially here

You have Food & Wine (and Snaps) to thank for this miraculous new set of foodie emojis, complete with the infamous Cronut. In my world, there’s really no text that you can’t answer with tacos, Cronuts and bottles of Sriracha, so hurry and download the keyboard. You have very important texts to send.

2. We’re getting closer to Taco Bell delivery *squeal*

taco bell food

Image: Chapendra/Flickr

We’ve been waiting with bated breath since last month, and there’s finally more news on the Taco Bell delivery service. TheStreet reports that Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed said at a recent conference, “We are getting into tests, like near college campuses,” but also noted that the delivery service would not be available all day or at lunchtime. Taco Bell clearly knows who its customers are and when they are most likely to need a taco delivered. I’m betting on Friday and Saturday night delivery, 10 p.m. till 2 a.m. Sound about right?

3. People really love Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip frosting

I have to admit that I didn’t know it was gone, but Rainbow Chip frosting is coming back, and people are very excited. See, Rainbow Sprinkles had replaced Rainbow Chip, and apparently sprinkles are the poor man’s chips. So super-fan Ben Johnson started a petition to get Betty Crocker to bring the flavor back, and the company listened. The beloved frosting will be available again starting in July.

4. Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream for a cause

ben and jerry's save our swirled

Image: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is no stranger to activism, and with its latest ice cream flavor, Save Our Swirled, it’s encouraging fans to stand up and take action to support the transition to 100 percent clean energy. Jostein Solheim, CEO, said, “Ben & Jerry’s has committed to dramatically reducing our own carbon footprint in an effort to help keep warming below 2 degrees. With the Paris climate summit approaching at the end of the year, we are asking our fans to join us in calling on leaders around the world to support the transition to 100% clean energy now.” And hey, if supporting this cause also includes eating delicious raspberry swirl ice cream, then so be it. Find out more about its campaign here.

5. Why I’m moving to Australia

Pizza Hut Australia has teamed with FourN’ Twenty, maker of delicious meat pies, to birth this stuffed-crust creation. I don’t know if I ever imagined eating pizza and a meat pie together, but I don’t hate it. Plus, you will never again have to decide whether you’re in the mood for one or the other. And I’ll tell you one thing… that’s a surefire way to get your kids to eat the crust.

6. Just because

Watching this Costco pizza sauce machine do its thing is mesmerizing. I concur wholeheartedly with the kid who lamented “nooooooo” as it ended. I could watch that action all day long.

7. Just because #2

Oh, Imgur. You’ve got to love a place where you can post this image with this caption and get 2 million views in a matter of hours. Hey, it is funny.

8. Food mashup of the week

Anytime you have a mashup of mac and cheese, bacon and Doritos, it automatically wins everything. Ever. Bonus points if it’s all deep-fried.

9. Drool-worthy recipe of the week

spicy michelada

Image: So Munch Love

I am a sucker for a good michelada (think bloody mary with beer). If it’s on the menu, I will order it, but I’ve never had any luck making a decent one at home. That’s all about to change with these delightful spicy micheladas from So Munch Love. Is it Sunday morning yet?

eatable news

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