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2 Genius pancake hacks that will make you a morning person (VIDEO)


If the thought of getting out of bed and making a hot breakfast is just too much for you, I have good news.

1. You can make these pancakes with only three ingredients, even if you’re still half asleep and haven’t had your coffee. Bonus if you have kids old enough to do it for you. Cash in some of those breakfast-in-bed coupons you inevitably got for Mother’s Day, and take comfort in the fact that fewer ingredients means less mess for you to clean up later.

2. You can make these Nutella-stuffed dreamcakes as the best possible reward for even getting out of bed in the first place. And what better reward than a heaping spoonful of Nutella for breakfast? Sure, you could just literally eat a spoonful of chocolate-hazelnut spread, but when it masquerades as a pancake, I think we can all feel a little better about our life choices.

Those are two pretty good reasons to become a morning person, if you ask me.

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