Deep-fried tater tot burger is glorious and gross, all at the same time

Sometimes you encounter a food so simultaneously appealing and revolting you just can’t makes heads or tails of it.

I’m looking at you, deep-fried, bacon-wrapped, cheeseburger-stuffed tater tot.

Instagram madman Tym Bussanich, whose claim to fame is “creating dad bods since 2010,” has truly created a masterpiece — or monster — with this one.

Tater tots are held together with eggs and some melted Swiss cheese, then layered into a small-ish pan with a bacon-wrapped burger. The burger is topped with more tater tot mix, and then the entire thing is carefully removed from the pan and deep-fried.

The result? A crispy potato crust full of meaty, bacony goodness. It’s the sort of food you find yourself thinking about at 2 a.m., during a long meeting or after a particularly rowdy happy hour. In normal circumstances you’d never eat something this outrageously unhealthy, but when you have nothing better to occupy your thoughts, it’s hard to not fixate on how.darn.good this burger must be.

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