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13 Outdoor cooking gadgets and gear your dad wants for Father’s Day

Make sure Dad has an epic grilling season with all this amazing cookout tech, from awesome cooking gear to outdoor enjoyment-related gadgets.

1. Grillbot automatic grill cleaner

Grillbot automatic grill cleaner

Image: Amazon

The push-button-operated Grillbot
has three replaceable brushes to easily keep your grill restaurant-clean between uses without the elbow grease. (Amazon, $115)

2. Weber’s On the Grill

Weber's On the Grill

Image: Weber

Weber’s On the Grill app features loads of recipes for grilling up your favorite meats and other goodies, but it also has recipes for rubs, marinades and sauces in addition to grilling tips. (Weber, $5)

3. Flip Box collapsible iceless cooler

Flip Box collapsible iceless cooler

Image: Amazon

Foldable, iceless storage provides hours of insulation — it can keep your beverages cold but also keep hot foods hot. When you’re not cooking out, you can use Flip Box to keep groceries cold on the way home. (Amazon, price varies by size)

4. Solaire go-anywhere portable infrared propane grill

Solaire go-anywhere portable infrared propane grill

Image: Amazon

Some of us don’t always grill out in our backyard, so a portable setup is key, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the heat of your full-size. This portable propane-powered infrared grill from Solaire has more heat power than most portable grills despite weighing less than 30 pounds. (Amazon, $400)

5. Barbecue grill light and fan

BBQ grill light and fan

Image: Amazon

Whether you just want to keep the grill smoke out of your face or love cooking out after hours, this dual barbecue grill light and fan features LED lights, takes AA batteries and features separate switches for the light and fans. (Amazon, $79)

6. Grill sergeant barbecue apron

Grill sergeant BBQ apron

Image: Amazon

It’s not that we forgive the seller of this badass barbecue apron its gender-biased copy (click that last link for more) or its absurd assertion that this is a “gag gift” (as if!); it’s that we don’t blame the product itself — which features pockets for everything your grillmeister heart could imagine. (Amazon, $15)

7. Looftlighter fire lighting tool

Looftlighter fire lighting tool

Image: Amazon

Yeah, looks like the latest badass curling iron, but it’s actually a badass grill lighter. The Looftlighter takes just a few seconds whether you’re using gas or charcoal. And don’t worry about it adding a weird chemical smell. It lights without unexpected additives. (Amazon, $68)

8. InaTrap insect killer

InaTrap insect killer

Image: Amazon

Bug-be-gone are the days when bug-zappers were hideous blue zapping, creep-out machines. Thanks to InaTrap, you can get a bug-zapper that looks like an adorable and stylish little mushroom but works just as well as the oh-so-industrial-looking model. (Amazon, $50)

9. Big Turtle Shell outdoor speaker

Big Turtle Shell outdoor speaker

Image: Outdoor Tech

The Big Turtle Shell wireless speaker is water resistant, dust- and shockproof and Bluetooth-capable — not to mention it can (mostly) blend in with your landscaping. It’s the perfect choice for your backyard festivities either way. (Outdoor Tech, $200)

10. Grill charms

Grill charms

Image: Amazon

Rare and well and medium… oh, my! These grill charms
help you keep track of your guests’ various temperature requests. (Amazon, $11) 

11. Grill Wrangler

grill wrangler

Image: Quirky

The Grill Wrangler is your all-in-one grilling tool — a spatula, fork and tongs in one. This high-performance tool will quickly earn its place in your grill apron, whether you’re pulling brats off the grill with the tong function, flipping a T-bone or spearing a thick-cut barbecue zucchini. (Quirky, $20)

12. Home inflatable cinema

Home inflatable cinema

Image: Open Air

There’s a reason your parents always say there’s nothing like a drive-in movie. This inflatable big-screen can turn your backyard into the ultimate drive-in, whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly flick or just wanting to relive the good old days. (Open Air, prices vary)

13. iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth thermometer

iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth thermometer

Image: Amazon

Looks like a regular probe thermometer, right? Not so much. The iGrill2 has four-probe capability and 150 feet of Bluetooth range so you’ll always know via your smart device what temp you meat’s at without having to babysit it at the grill.

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