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9 Essential tips for making the best s’mores ever


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Put a marshmallow on a stick, toast it, you’re done. Right?

While that’s definitely the basic idea, if you’re looking to make the most epic s’mores possible, then these tips can help. From how to properly melt your s’mores chocolate to what you can use if you don’t have a fire pit or grill, these tips will ensure you bring your s’mores A game this summer.

1. Use a long stick or two to keep your ‘mallow in place

Never underestimate the heat of your fire. Whether it’s a grill or a campfire, you want to be able to stay at a comfortable distance. Using a long stick or skewer allows you to stay cool. Doubling up your skewers like you would for kebabs on the grill will keep the marshmallow from rotating over the fire on its own and toasting unevenly.

2. Don’t let it catch on fire — or do

burnt marshmallow

Image: Christa/Flickr

When it comes to toasting marshmallows, it’s all about personal preference. Whether you like a perfectly golden, intact ‘mallow or a charred, black blob, you should always feel entitled to create the marshmallow of your dreams.

3. Toast more than one ‘mallow at a time

roasting marshmallows

Image: Rick McCharles/Flickr

Not only will your s’mores be even more outlandishly tasty, but two toasted marshmallows will help the chocolate melt faster and more thoroughly too.

4. Use a melting block

There’s nothing worse than chocolate that just doesn’t melt in your s’more. Avoid this by using a melting block. Just set a scrap of 2 x 4-inch wood at the edge of your fire (away from the flame!) where it’s nice and hot, and place your graham cracker topped with chocolate on it. While you toast your marshmallows, the cracker will get warm, and the chocolate will start to melt, ensuring the perfect gooey bite once you add your ‘mallows.

5. Cook them in cones

Campfire s'mores cones

Image: Come Together Kids

Want a hands-off s’mores experience? Bring some sugar cones on your next camping trip! Stuff them with chocolate chips, marshmallows, peanut butter, fruit — whatever you like. Then wrap them in foil, and place them over hot coals, turning occasionally, for 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll be left with an ooey, gooey treat you can eat just like an ice cream cone.

6. Or in a banana

S'mores stuffed bananas

Add some fruit to your s’mores with this clever trick. Split open a banana, and stuff it with the s’mores ingredients of your choice. Wrap the whole thing in foil, and place on the grill for about 5 minutes, until warmed through.

7. Create individual toasters with terra-cotta pots

individual s'mores terra cotta pots

Image: Nest of Posies

No grill or fire pit in sight? Not to worry! You can create a mini fire pit easily with a terra-cotta pot and some charcoal briquettes. This trick is perfect for parties, family barbecues or nights when you really want s’mores but don’t feel like firing up the grill.

8. Stuff your ‘mallows with candy for insta-s’mores

candy stuffed s'mores

Image: Simply Be Photo

You’ll never have to wait for your chocolate to melt again when you try this trick. Before putting your ‘mallow on a stick, stuff it with a Rolo, Hershey’s Kiss, mini peanut butter cup or other small chocolate candy. While the marshmallow toasts, the chocolate will melt, giving you that gooey, decadent flavor combination quicker than ever.

9. Keep the wet naps handy

This may sound fussy, but you should keep wet wipes around to clean marshmallow off your fingers during the s’mores-making process. You’ll enjoy your treats a lot more when your fingers aren’t covered in ash, dirt, bugs, hair — basically any of the gross outdoor stuff that would stick to a marshmallow.

Happy toasting!

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