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7 Ways S’mores Oreos will make your summer desserts better

Just in time for summer, Nabisco has announced that S’mores Oreos are officially a thing.

The new cookie will be released on May 22 and will be available for a limited time. S’mores Oreos feature a graham cracker cookie stuffed with marshmallow and chocolate filling, mimicking everyone’s favorite campfire treat.

They sound delicious, and it got us thinking — wouldn’t pretty much every Oreo recipe out there be better with the complex flavors of graham cracker and marshmallows in the mix too? Pick up a pack of S’mores Oreos, and test out our theory with the decadent recipes below.

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1. Bacon-fried S’mores Oreos recipe

Bacon fried smores oreos

Image: Oh, Bite It!

The campfire taste of S’mores Oreos would only be enhanced by the smokiness of the bacon in this recipe.

2. No-bake S’mores Oreo cream pie recipe

Smores oreo cream pie

Finally you can have the taste of s’mores without the hassle of building a fire and waiting for the coals to be just right.

3. Peanut butter S’mores Oreo-stuffed brownies recipe

Peanut butter and smores oreo stuffed brownies

If you’ve never tried adding peanut butter to your s’mores, you’ve been missing out. Combine your S’mores Oreos with peanut butter and brownies, and you have a total winner.

4. Double-decker brownie S’mores Oreo ice cream cake recipe

Smores oreo ice cream cake

S’mores and ice cream are two of summer’s finest desserts, so combining the two of them in this insane-looking brownie cake is just common sense.

5. Nutella S’mores Oreo mousse jars recipe

Nutella mousse smores oreo jar

Smooth and nutty Nutella mousse would taste divine with the marshmallow and chocolate creme filling of S’mores Oreos.

6. White chocolate S’mores Oreo bark recipe

White chocolate smores Oreo bark

It’s seems people usually make bark during the holidays. But swap in S’mores Oreos in this recipe, and you have a perfect summer snack.

7. S’mores Oreo-stuffed white chocolate chip cookies recipe

smores stuffed white chocolate oreo cookies

Image: Damn Delicious

Sure, cookie-stuffed cookies are always good, but add marshmallow creme to any dessert, and it’s bound to be better than ever.

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