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The french fry burger bun was inevitable, and we love it


SheKnows Editorial

Ramen and spaghetti burger buns are popping up everywhere, but there’s one combination that has slipped under the radar.

Until now!

Maybe because it’s so obvious — burgers and fries are the perfect pair. Now they’re finally reaching their true potential in the over-the-top concoction that is the French Fry Burger Bomb.

French fry burger bomb vulgar chef recipe

Image: The Vulgar Chef

French fries are chopped, mixed with cheese and microwaved. This congealed starch-and-dairy mass is then lovingly formed around a seared burger topped with even more cheese. Shallow-fry or deep-fry until crispy and golden, and behold food history in the making: the French Fry Burger Bomb.

Not only does it look delicious (like, it’s embarrassing how badly I want to try one), it’s also efficient. Cut some of the unnecessary carbs from your burger dinner by removing the bun, all the while still enjoying your fries. Because fries are necessary carbs, always.

Now that the key to using french fries as a coating has been unlocked, I can only imagine the possibilities. A french-fried hot dog? Pizza slice? Jalapeño popper? The possibilities are literally endless (unlike your life, which will probably come to a close shortly after embarking on the quest to french-fry all of the food).

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