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10 Super-easy beer cocktails with 5 ingredients or less (INFOGRAPHIC)


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If you’ve only ever enjoyed beer on its own, you’re missing out.

With so many styles and flavors, beer is the perfect base for fizzy, refreshing cocktails. Whether you want something dark and toasty like a stout or light and crisp like a Belgian white, these cocktails have something for everyone.

easy beer cocktails

About the drinks

1. Citrus fizz: This citrusy drink featuring blood orange soda is low-alcohol enough to be genuinely thirst-quenching. It’s the perfect cocktail to sip by the pool all day.

2. Chocolate-mint porter: Enhance the chocolaty malt flavors of your favorite porter with this intriguing mint-chocolate drink.

3. Caramel macchiato stout: Play up the toasted, coffee-like notes of stout with this cocktail. It’s so good you could almost have it for breakfast.

4. Greyhound IPA: The citrus notes in a well-hopped California IPA meld beautifully with sparkling grapefruit juice and a squeeze of fresh lime.

5. Basil-beer mojito: A cross between a margarita and a mojito, this refreshing drink is perfect for summer.

6. Better brass monkey: Forget malt liquor — this beer cocktail is the perfect drink for beachside relaxation.

7. Apple pie cider: This dreamy drink proves that apple isn’t just for fall.

8. Summer shandy: Perfect for picnics, this shandy will win over non-beer drinkers.

9. Easy beergarita: A taste of summer doesn’t get easier than this!

10. Easy michelada: This zesty beer cocktail will wake up your taste buds in no time.

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