How to cut an avocado the right way, plus end brown guac forever (VIDEO)

Put that spoon down. You are not doing yourself any favors by scooping the avocado out of the skin.

Sure, it’s easy and convenient, and there are even fancy tools made specifically for scooping out the flesh. But what you’re about to learn is that you’re leaving all the good nutrients behind when you do it that way. And if you’re going to mow down a bowl of guac, you might as well get the most nutritional benefit possible, right?

Speaking of guacamole, you’ll also learn a new (if not a little weird) way to keep your favorite dip green, and it does not involve the avocado pit. Spoiler alert: It involves water, but keep an open mind… nobody likes brown guacamole.

Watch this video from the American Chemical Society to learn all these avocado tips and lots of other health information that will make you feel way better about all the guac you’re eating, provided you’re cutting those avocados correctly.

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