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Get Domino’s delivery by tweeting a pizza emoji. Yes, really


SheKnows Editorial

You know that feeling when you’re too lazy to cook dinner but also too lazy to order takeout?

If this sounds like you, then we’ve got news.

On May 20, Domino’s is launching a new delivery method that couldn’t be easier. All you’ll have to do is tweet @dominos a pizza emoji, and they’ll deliver one to your house. You do have to set up your pizza preferences and payment information ahead of time, but after that, anytime you’re hungry, all you’ve got to do is send the tweet.

Domino’s spent all day yesterday tweeting out pizza emojis, much to the confusion of almost all of its followers. J.C. Penney even tried to get in the game.

But they finally set everyone straight after what honestly felt like 15 too many pizza emoji tweets.

Anyway. The new system seems like it will be extra convenient if you’re super busy at work and need to order food before morale dips below functional levels or if things at home are crazy and you need to get dinner on the table ASAP. And I can’t help but think that life for drunk college kids just got a lot easier — forget ordering, now it’s staying awake for the pizza to be delivered that’s the most challenging part of the night.

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