Mac and cheese-fried chicken is the food mashup we’ve been waiting for

Everyone knows that gooey mac and cheese is the perfect side dish for a fried chicken dinner.

The combination of crispy, juicy chicken and creamy, cheesy macaroni is pretty much unbeatable.

That’s why Amy at Oh, Bite It! is basically a genius. Her latest recipe — for mac and cheese-fried chicken — looks like it’s the most perfect comfort food to ever have been created!

Mac and cheese fried chicken bites

Image: Oh, Bite It!

But this isn’t mac and cheese-stuffed chicken. If anything, it’s chicken-stuffed mac and cheese. Somehow crispy, fried chicken tenders are surrounded by deliciously decadent mac and cheese, which is then coated in a Parmesan breadcrumb mixture and fried until crispy and golden.

In each bite you get the crispiness of the breadcrumb crust, the ooey-gooeyness of the mac and cheese, another layer of crisp from the fried chicken and a juicy bite of protein to finish it off.

mac and cheese fried chicken

Image: Oh, Bite It!

The best part is that as long as you have the patience to coax the mac and cheese to stick to the chicken, the recipe is quite simple. You can use premade fried chicken and mac and cheese, so all you really have to do is create the breadcrumb mixture, assemble and fry. It’s a lot cheaper than buying tickets to get your crazy fried food fix at the county fair, and probably tastier too (no offense to those culinary carnies out there).

You can start your journey toward taste nirvana by checking out the full recipe here.

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