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6 Genius microwave hacks you need in your life (VIDEO)


I once heard someone say that there is only one reason to use a microwave, and that’s to melt chocolate. While I completely agree that if you’re going to use your microwave for only one thing, chocolate is a great reason, I personally couldn’t live without it.

Call me a slave to convenience, but when I want my leftovers heated up, I want them heated up now. I don’t want to wait for the oven to preheat and then wait 20 more minutes of cook time when I could have my piping-hot lunch in front of me in 30 seconds.

So while I didn’t necessarily need any more reasons to love my microwave, I’ve just been presented with six more. And I’ve got to tell you, this microwave pizza hack could very well change the game when it comes to leftovers. Pizza is just about the only thing I will actually reheat in the oven, because who wants a soggy slice?

Check out these awesome hacks, and maybe you’ll start using your microwave for more than melting chocolate.


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