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Mariah Carey cooking Frito pie is everything (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey has a new video out, and it’s not of the musical variety.

Funny or Die miraculously got Mariah to star in a show in which she cooks up a special Frito pie. But it’s definitely not the kind you’re used to.

Mariah, wearing a diamond Hello Kitty ring over a pair of baby blue surgical gloves, puts together a combination of Fritos, what looks like marshmallow fluff, chocolate candies, lettuce and mushrooms to create a bizarre dish that is almost literally out of this world.

Which, when you think about it, kind of makes sense — I doubt Mimi has had to prepare her own food at any time in the past two decades or so.

There’s an appearance by an old boyfriend (coincidentally named Frito), lots of hair shaking, and yes, someone actually has to eat a handful of the Frito pie.

Then again, when Mariah tells you to do something, you do it, even if that means mowing down on some mystery pie.

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