10 Delicious beers for the mom who wants some hops this Mother's Day

May 7, 2015 at 6:26 p.m. ET

Beer and Mom? Really? Yes! As Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently said, "Tradition needs to be challenged!" Mother's Day is usually all sangria and mimosas, but there is a beer for everyone, especially your dear mom!

Armed with my craft beer knowledge, I have assembled a list of 10 beers your mom will love. Mom tested and approved. Here they are in order of lightest in color to darkest.

1. Long Ireland NoFo Farmhouse Ale, Saison, 5.5 percent ABV:


This is a farmhouse-style beer, meaning that it uses strains of yeast that are usually found in nature. This natural strain of yeast gives it a more prominent yeast flavor, which is not a bad thing. In fact, it gives it more of a Champagne taste and quality. It is dry, but not bitter. It has a bright flavor, perfect for sipping in the sun.

If your mom likes Champagne, you can challenge her with this craft beer pick. Fake her out and put it in a Champagne flute!

2. Flying Dog-In-Heat Wheat, Hefeweizen, 4.7 percent ABV:


Image: Hefeweizen

Hefeweizens are known for their notes of banana and clove. They are light, refreshing and low in alcohol.

If your mom likes chardonnay, she will likely fall for this beer!

3. Flying Dog Raging Bitch, Belgian IPA, 8.3 percent ABV: 

Raging Bitch

Image: Hefeweizen

Well, if your mom's a bitch, this is perfect. (Just kidding... or not?) This is an IPA, so it has a lot more hops flavor happening, which tends to make it a bit bitter, but it uses a Belgian, more natural yeast. So once again you get more of a Champagne quality to it. Since it is higher in alcohol you can also count on it being a bit sweeter. So these other attributes cut down on the hoppy bitterness, and it will bring you and Mom closer together since you'll have a bit of a beer buzz.

If your mom likes brut Champagne, she will love sipping this beer!

4. Dogfish Head Aprihop, Apricot Flavored IPA, 7 percent ABV:


Image: DogFish

Another IPA, but this one has apricot flavor! So what is not to love? It is a little bitter from the hops, but finishes with a crisp apricot flavor.

If you mom likes white sangria, she will be thanking you for this pick!

5.Binding-Brauerei Schofferhofer, Grapefruit Hefewizen Mix, 2.5 percent ABV:

Schofferhofer grapefruit

Image: Hop Devil

This is the best of both worlds! Beer and grapefruit juice. This is usually referred to as a radler. This is one of my favorites with a nice grapefruit flavor, but not overly sweet or bitter.

If your mom likes mimosas, have her try this on for size!

6. Dogfish Head Midas Touch, Spiced beer, 9 percent ABV:

Midas Touch

Image: Dog Fish

This beer is really something special. It is made from ingredients found in a drinking vessel found in the tomb of King Midas. It's spiced and sweet.

If your mom likes mulled cider, she will love to try Midas Touch!

7. Lindeman Cassis Lambic, Black Currant Lambic, 3.5 percent ABV:


Image: Lindeman's Brewery

Ah yes, lambic, this is the "safe" choice for moms since they come in fruit flavors. They are a bit tart and a little sweet. This is the black currant variety, but you can also find it in cherry, strawberry and more!

If your mom likes red wine, she will enjoy this beer. She'll get to enjoy more of it since it's lower in alcohol as well!

8. Kuka Banana Nut Brown Ale, Brown Ale with Banana Flavor, 5.5 percent ABV:

Banana Nut Brown Ale

Image: Kuka Beer

Can you tell by the name why mom will like this? It tastes just like banana bread! Malty, sweet with all the banana flavor you would expect. It's the perfect marriage of beer and banana bread!

If your mom likes banana bread, she is sure to love this ale!

9. Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron, Brown Ale, 12 percent ABV:

Palo Santo Marron

Image: Dog Fish

This is a brown ale, but it's aged in wood barrels. So that awesome oaky taste you usually get in wine, you get in this! It also packs quite an alcohol punch and it has a sweetness to accompany it.

If your mom likes sweet red wine, she will enjoy Palo Santo Marron.

10.Flying Dog Kujo, Imperial Coffee Stout, 8.9 percent ABV:


Image: Flying Dog

Oh yes, this is the big one at 8.9 percent alcohol! A stout can be dryer or on the sweeter side. But an imperial stout is always a little sweeter. Imagine that malty sweetness with a side of coffee and you've got this beer! Absolutely delicious! My mother and mother-in-law loved this one!!

If your mom likes coffee, she will love Kujo!

Sharing your interests is a great way to bond with your mom. This Mother's Day, challenge the traditional and share your love of craft beer with your mom! She'll surprise you with what she likes!