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Deep-fried margaritas are the only thing you need this Cinco de Mayo


If you thought it was impossible to improve on the divine deliciousness of margaritas, you need to understand how wrong you are.

Three words: Deep. Fried. Margaritas.

There are tons and tons of ways to get your drink on with all kinds of variations on the margarita, but now it’s time for you to rethink that strategy and get your nosh on instead with these insanely delicious deep-fried margaritas over at Oh, Bite It!

Before we get started, let me go ahead and answer a few questions for you. Yes, this is made with cake. Yes, the cake is deep-fried. Yes, there is tequila in this treat, and yes, it will get you tipsy. Now that that’s covered, let’s explore this in depth a little, shall we?

margarita bites glaze

The reality of this treat is that you will be dipping cubes of yummy lemon cake into a premade margarita, deep-frying that bad boy and then drizzling it with a tequila-infused glaze before sprinkling it with a touch of salt.

This is absolutely genius, absolutely delicious-looking and carries with it one extra benefit: You already have to make a margarita, so why not make a pitcher and enjoy one while you man the fry oil?

deep fried margarita bites

Really, the only question left is, why aren’t you making these delicious little margarita bites right now? Go. Go over to Oh, Bite It! right this instant, and get started. They aren’t going to make (or eat) themselves!

All images: Oh, Bite It!

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