20 Hilarious breakfast fails to avoid this Mother’s Day

Serving breakfast in bed is a time-honored Mother’s Day tradition.

But when you think about it, flipping pancakes, trying to not break yolks and keeping the toast that perfect shade of gold are some of the trickiest kitchen tasks out there. Take a hint from these hapless chefs, and do whatever you can to avoid serving up Mom a dud this Mother’s Day. Did someone say “IHOP”?

1. The fruit salad that didn’t stand a chance

My favorite part is when the little one just starts eating the yogurt.

2. The first pancake

Pro tip: The first pancake is always a hot mess. Don’t give it to Mom!

3. This porridge is too hot

I think Goldilocks would have definitely shunned this burnt bowl of porridge.

4. Eggy coffee?

Dunking your doughnuts? Sure. Toast? Yeah! Fried egg? Umm… no.

5. The aftermath

No one said breakfast in bed wasn’t going to get messy. Syrup and bed linens just don’t mix.

6. It really is the thought that counts

On the upside, now you can just get into your bed and eat the breakfast. Thanks for not being here, Mom!

7. Eggs served cloudy side up

In his defense, mastering the perfect fried egg can be pretty hard!

8. When overnight is too long for your oats

Overnight oats seem like a dream, but unless you sleepwalk to check on your slow cooker during the night, it’s kind of a gamble.

9. Breakfast fit for a swamp creature

Nothing says “Happy Mother’s Day!” like an algal explosion in the kitchen. I bet Pop-Tarts are sounding pretty good to Mom right about now.

10. When you just can’t master the basic

If Mom could pretend to like your totally mediocre finger paintings, I’m sure she’ll pretend to love this crispy brown mess too.

11. No risk, no reward. And sometimes just no reward at all!

“I’m not mad,” Mom will say when she sees her waffles. “Just disappointed.”

12. Green eggs and waffles

If your mom read Dr. Seuss to you as a kid, maybe she won’t mind that these waffles are green and smell like One Fish Two Fish

13. Rough around the edges

Just like an eldest child who isn’t quite living up to their potential, so does this toast disappoint.

14. Seal the deal

They might look like dead seals, but they’ll be flopping around in Mom’s tummy just like live ones.

15. Don’t count your breakfast before it hatches

Sometimes you put all your eggs into one basket. And the basket gets run over by a Monster truck.

16. Playing it hot and cold

Part raw, part burnt beyond recognition, this bacon represents the tumultuous relationship between mother and child during the teen years.

17. For the mom who keeps it spicy

With this much pepper, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to be a hot mama.

18. The gift that keeps on giving

“Hey Mom, I made you breakfast! On an unrelated note, you might want to clean the kitchen before my friends come over tonight.”

19. Think before you sprinkle

Mom always did say you need to pay more attention to the details. Tightening the cap on the saltshaker would be a good place to start.

20. The best of both worlds

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Combining Mom’s two favorite breakfasts seemed like a good idea at the time…

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