The McDonald's 'Big Max': A 5,000-calorie burger you have to see to believe

Apr 30, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. ET

When McDonald's launched its new self-serve kiosk in select locations, it was really only a matter of time before someone would decide to mess with them.

That day has come. Chicago-based Moshe Tamssot, 51, used a touch-screen "Create Your Taste" kiosk in one of the few locations where it has been introduced to create what he's calling the "Big Max."

The creation is essentially an amalgamation of every single cheese, topping and sauce maxed out, plus bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. Tamssot had not initially set out to create a burger with the maximum allowable amount of mayonnaise. He wanted to document the ordering process at one of the kiosks and had to reshoot his first attempt. According to a Reddit AMA he recently participated in, "It was then that I realized you could get, what I thought, was unlimited bacon. I got excited. The Manager came by to ask if I needed help. I kept pressing the bacon button, and kept going from there. That created a desire to see what the biggest burger could be, and whether McDonald's would make it."

You can watch him walk through the process here, but I have to warn you that if the phrase "maximum allowable amount of mayonnaise" sounds rather less than appealing to you, you may have to avert your eyes.


Due to a glitch in the pricing system, Tamssot's burger initially cost $890, but with some adjustment, the manager was able to bring it down to the low, low price of $24.89. Now, to be fair, that price includes a combo meal complete with Diet Coke, naturally.

Tamssot said he got a little pushback from the manager of the store initially, who had to be called in to investigate the pricing bug.

"Initially the Manager refused to make it because of the pricing bug, and because he thought it wouldn't be a good burger. I had to remind him that the marketing promise was 'build your dream burger' and this was the burger I would build if I dreamed about burgers. He had to call the corporate office for clearance, as this was a test store, running a test program."

The kiosk allowed him to order only one bun and two burger patties — Quarter Pounders — but in all, the monster burger included 10 slices each of American, pepper jack and cheddar cheese, and 10 of every available topping, which included tomatoes, jalapeños, grilled mushrooms, pickles, onions, guacamole and tortilla strips. After that came 10 servings of every sauce available, and I don't even want to think about how well McDonald's special sauce, mayonnaise and guacamole go together.

Tamssot did mention that the abomination of meat, cheese and toppings took all day to eat — he had to "graze" on it, which is probably a good thing considering that its caloric content is estimated to be somewhere in the 5,000 calorie range.

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