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Thanks to YouTube we can all learn to cook like Masterchef Simon Wood


Simon Wood was crowned the winner of Masterchef last week and there’s hope for us all because he is completely self-taught. The 38-year-old from Oldham has revealed that everything he knows about cooking comes from reading recipe books and watching television shows and YouTube instruction videos.

Hailed by Masterchef presenters John Torode and Gregg Wallace as the contestant who had made the most progress over the course of the show, Simon won the final with a starter of octopus with chorizo crisps and a cannellini bean and chorizo salad, followed by pigeon with carrots, pommes parisienne and a cassis jus and finished off with a lemon posset with citrus tutti-frutti. Yum.

If you don’t even know what half of those words mean, don’t worry. With these fab foodie YouTube channels you can learn to cook pretty much anything. Before you know it you’ll be whipping up some pommes parisienne of your own.

Everyday Food

Sarah Carey and the Everyday Food team upload a new video every day, each one an easy to follow recipe tailored for those with busy schedules.

Video credit: Everyday Food/YouTube

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If it’s vegetarian or vegan cooking tips you’re after Veggietorials is the perfect one-stop-shop. Host Cob Kim also provides weekly tips and methods and documents her personal food challenges, such as Fully Raw for which she ate nothing but raw foods for 21 days.

Video credit: Veggietorials/YouTube


Whether you want tips on how to cook rice perfectly, or homemade alternatives to your family’s favourite fast-food dishes, Chow offers it all and then some.

Video credit: CHOW/YouTube


Yelllowsaffron is the English-speaking channel of Italy’s top cooking portal, The step-by-step guides will teach you how to recreate traditional Italian favourites and street food as well as international dishes and child-friendly alternatives.

Video credit: yellowsaffron/YouTube


SORTED Food began as a student cookbook project for four young guys but it’s evolved into one of the most popular foodie YouTube channels. The passion Barry, Ben, Jamie and Mike have for food and cooking is infectious and their videos are as informative as they are entertaining.

Video credit: SORTED Food/YouTube

Food Wishes

Former teacher and YouTube sensation Chef John can show you everything from how to reheat leftover pizza without it tasting like cardboard to grilling the perfect steak.

Video credit: Food Wishes/YouTube


FoodTube is the personal project of Jamie Oliver, providing great cooking and easy to follow recipes, with a wide range of online cooks popping up on a regular basis. Co-hosts have included dessert-obsessive TV personality Donal Skehan, BBQ fanatic DJ BBQ and Kerryann Dunlop, who has the ability to whip up amazing meals from meagre ingredients.

Video credit: Jamie Oliver/YouTube

Mario Batali

He may not be a household name but Mario Batali is a world acclaimed restauranteur and his YouTube channel is a goldmine for those wanting to improve their cooking skills. His “How To Tuesday” series is great for novice chefs, featuring everything from creating pasta from scratch to mastering the perfect sauce to accompany your meal.

Video credit: Mario Batali/YouTube

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Vitale offers a variety of Italian entrees, innovative appetiser and drink recipes and delicious desserts. She even takes viewer requests if there’s something you particularly want help with.

Video credit: Laura in the Kitchen/YouTube


Take your baking skills up a notch with Joyceyvonna’s brilliant recipes featuring all the piping, marbling and decorating tips you need to create some truly impressive sweet treats.

Video credit: joyceyvonna/YouTube

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