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17 Spinach salads that will make eating your veggies way less boring

Spinach salads are packed with nutrients, but they can also be packed with flavor. These spinach salad recipes are truly in a class of their own.

1. Spinach salad with warm bacon dressing, Parmesan crisps
and sugared pecans recipe

spinach salad with parmesan crisps and sugared pecans

Image: Lemony Thyme

Umami bacon, salty Parmesan crisps and sugared pecans make this spinach salad the perfect meal for a lazy summer day.

2. Fig, blue cheese and walnut spinach salad recipe

fig, blue cheese and walnut spinach salad

Image: Host the Toast

Spinach works great with almost any kind of fruit, so it’s no surprise this fig salad is so tasty — if figs aren’t in season, try another sweet fruit.

3. Easy spinach-goat cheese salad
with pears and walnut vinaigrette recipe

easy spinach goat cheese salad with pears and walnut vinaigrette

Image: Mommysavers

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll be delighted with this goat cheese spinach salad, which is one of the few recipes you can find that doesn’t have bacon involved in some way. (And if you’re not a vegetarian, you can always add bacon.)

4. Barbecue pulled pork-cashew salad with blue cheese recipe

barbecue pulled pork spinach salad

Image: Yammie’s Noshery

This barbecue pulled pork spinach salad makes my little Texan heart sing.

5. Spinach ohitashi (Japanese spinach salad with bonito flakes) recipe

spinach ohitashi salad

Image: Just One Cookbook

This cooked Japanese spinach salad brings together the natural flavors of the ingredients with an umami twist.

6. Teriyaki salmon and asparagus spinach salad recipe

teriyaki, salmon and asparagus spinach salad

Image: Closet Cooking

Teriyaki-marinated salmon, fresh asparagus and juicy grape tomatoes are an amazing combo for your next weekend lunch get-together.

7. Wilted spinach salad recipe

wilted spinach salad

Image: Nugget Markets

A wilted spinach salad is great for people who like a little of the bitterness taken out of their spinach. Top it with eggs, red onion and a delish warm bacon vinaigrette, and you’ve got yourself a meal!

8. Spinach salad with lemon-pepper tuna and fresh berries recipe

spinach salad with lemon pepper tuna and fresh berries

Image: Shockingly Delicious

Lemon-pepper tuna complements a variety of fresh berries that are the perfect tart foil to slightly bitter spinach and laid-back farro in this spinach salad packed with omega-3-packed tuna.

9. Everyday spinach salad recipe

everyday spinach salad

Image: Laurenda Marie

It’s not every day that you come across a salad recipe this simple and packed with nutrients, including protein from sunflower seeds, a variety of fresh veggies and feta cheese for a little punch, but this everyday spinach salad is just that.

10. Strawberry and avocado spinach salad in
raspberry-balsamic vinaigrette recipe

strawberry and avocado spinach salad

Image: Closet Cooking

You can easily make this strawberry and avocado spinach salad vegan (and healthier) by omitting the bacon.

11. Mandarin-cashew chicken salad with baby spinach recipe

mandarin cashew chicken spinach salad

Image: Nugget Markets

This super-easy, Asian-themed mandarin-cashew chicken salad features baby spinach, radishes and red onions.

12. Spinach, blackberry and prosciutto salad
with goat cheese and spicy pecans recipe

Spinach, blackberry and prosciutto salad

Image: Spicie Foodie

How do you make prosciutto and goat cheese better? Toss them on a spinach salad with spicy pecans and blackberries.

13. Autumn butternut squash salad with maple-balsamic vinaigrette recipe

Autumn butternut squash salad

Image: The Housewife in Training Files

This healthy fall salad is guaranteed to be the perfect taste of the season, featuring cranberries, almonds, roasted butternut squash and a homemade maple-balsamic dressing.

14. Spinach and beet salad with goat cheese recipe

Spinach and beet salad

Image: Confident Cook Hesitant Baker

Beet lovers, rejoice! This spinach and beet salad gets a little extra zip from a dose of creamy, slightly salty goat cheese.

15. Strawberry-barbecue chicken spinach and quinoa salad recipe

Strawberry BBQ chicken spinach and quinoa salad

Image: Closet Cooking

Most people wouldn’t think to pair strawberries and quinoa with barbecue chicken in a spinach salad, but it couldn’t be a better idea.

16. Spinach salad with avocados and strawberries recipe

spinach salad

Strawberries, avocado and a sweet-and-tangy dressing amp up this simple spinach salad.

17. Warm spinach salad with homemade bacon dressing recipe

spinach salad

Is there really anything more to say after homemade bacon dressing?

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