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Starbucks’ cookie straws are going to change the way you drink everything

Starbucks is giving out cookie straws with all of its Frappuccinos for a limited time.

It’s in honor of the new S’mores Frappuccino (which, yum), but you can get it with any flavor. The cookie straws are a “rolled sweet wafer biscuit lined with rich chocolate ganache” and are free with your Frapp’ or cost 95 cents on their own while supplies last.
The delicious potential of the cookie straw made me wonder… Why aren’t cookie straws something we use, like, constantly? I mean, wouldn’t pretty much everything be better sipped through a big ol’ tube-o’-cookie? For instance…

1. Hot coffee

ron burgundy coffee

Image: Giphy

Frappuccinos are great, but you don’t always want something ice cold and loaded with sugar to start the day. A steamy cup of coffee, though, getting lightly sweetened as you sip through your cookie straw until you’re ready to eat the perfectly softened end? Duh, that would be delicious.

2. Cereal milk

cereal and milk

Image: Giphy

Cereal milk as a kid was so amazing, because you were probs eating something junky that had 1,000 grams of sugar in it per serving. Fiber O’s just don’t give you the same cereal milk taste, but sipped through a cookie straw? You’ll finally get that unnecessary early-morning sugar fix you once loved.

3. A glass of wine

glass of wine straw

Image: Giphy

Listen, you’re already treating yourself when you open up that nice bottle of red on the weekend/days that end in “Y.” Adding a li’l cookie straw really won’t do much more damage, but you will be able to enjoy a delicious, boozy treat while you get your drank on.

4. An entire bottle of wine

drinking a whole bottle of wine

Image: Giphy

For those really tough nights, two cookie straws fused together with melted chocolate or super-stiff frosting are just the thing to help you drink a nice wine right out of the bottle.

5. Medicine


Image: Giphy

Mary Poppins praised the spoonful of sugar trick, but I think she’d condone drinking your medicine through a cookie straw too. “Just a sip through a cookie helps the medicine go down” might not have quite the same ring to it, but I’m pretty positive it would work the same way.

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