Taco Bell Fritos tacos answer the cry for more snack chip shells

Taco Bell is continuing to explore the wonderful world of flavor-dusted snack chip taco shells and announced today that it will be testing a Fritos shell offering.

Who’s laughing now, people who mocked the Doritos Locos taco? Taco Bell, that’s who — along with everyone who enjoys a good taco wrapped with the kind of snack that usually comes in a bag sold at the corner store.

Love it or hate it, the Doritos Locos taco was something of a runaway hit, and in the wake of Taco Bell’s announcement that it will be releasing its ultrahot Diablo sauce, the chain has given us the additional gift of corn chips this Tuesday.

The new shells will come in two flavors: the classic Fritos “original” flavor and the spicier “chili cheese” flavor. Both will come with beef chili, sour cream, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and shredded cheese. You can deride it if you want, but it’s sure to be a hit. In my home state of Texas, this already exists and is called Frito pie and is delicious, so someone will buy it. Lots of someones, if Taco Bell’s previous success with the Doritos Locos taco is any indication.

We’ve always experimented with the stuff that goes into tacos, and more and more, people are experimenting with the vessel for that stuff, aka the taco shell. And this is a very, very good thing, because it gives us these other delicious taco wrappings:

1. The bacon weave taco shell

bacon weave taco

Image: Dude Foods

Bacon still hasn’t jumped the shark — at least not in our hearts, where it counts.

2. The provolone cheese taco shell

provolone taco

Image: Ideas in Food

First of all, this looks totally delicious. Second of all, is there anything that cheese can’t do? Maybe, but “become a taco shell” isn’t one of them.

3. The ramen noodle taco shell


Image: The Vulgar Chef

Ramen is the gift that keeps on giving, and it apparently makes a pretty fantastic crunchy taco shell.

4. The paleo-friendly cauliflower taco shell

cauliflower shells

Image: July Moon

If you’re sick of wrapping all your stuff in lettuce, then this could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

5. The nori taco shell

nori taco

Image: Pepper

That has been dipped in tempura batter and fried to deliciousness. This isn’t a crunchy taco; it’s a crispy taco. And we want one.

6. The cheddar taco shell

cheddar taco shell

Image: DJ Foodie

Here’s another cheese taco shell that has the added benefit of looking really pretty.

7. The chocolate taco shell

chocolate taco

Image: Love from the Oven

Yes, I realize the chocolate taco isn’t an actual taco, strictly speaking. It’s more of a dessert shaped like a taco. But look at this thing and decide if you care about technicalities.

Basically, if you can wrap it around meat, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and lettuce, it totally qualifies as a taco shell. A delicious, delicious taco.

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