21 Boozy ice pops to help you beat the heat

Kids love ice pops, but why should they get to have all the fun? Try these great grown-up takes on a childhood favorite.

Recently we’ve seen the rise of the “poptail” — that is, delicious little frozen treats that pack a grown-up punch. The fact is, ice pops don’t get less delicious the older you get. Whether they are on little wooden sticks or squeezed through a plastic tube, we just get to add a little something extra to them. Extra booze, that is.

1. Triple-layer margarita ice pops recipe


Let’s start with a summertime favorite: the margarita!

2. Mojito ice pops recipe


Image: Sweet Paul

Mojitos are another great way to cool down. And we love the fact that this one comes in a classic little plastic tube.

3. Strawberry margarita ice pops recipe

This one gives new meaning to “frozen” strawberry margarita.

4. Peach Bellini ice pops recipe

peach bellini popsicles

Image: Bespangled

Everything about these little pops is great, from the genius use of a refreshing wine to their adorable little star shape.

5. Cherry, coconut and rum ice pops recipe

cherry rum pops

Image: Petit Foodie

This one is like a grown-up Dreamsicle. For those of you who love a little creamy treat on a hot day.

6. Baileys poptails recipe

baileys poptails

Image: Marla Meredith

Baileys is a wonderful liqueur for sipping. Who knew it would be great for nibbling on too?

7. Cucumber gin and tonic ice pops recipe

gin and tonic pops

Image: Port and Fin

Talk about refreshing! Even your favorite basic cocktail is great as an ice pop.

8. Piper-Heidsieck Champagne and raspberry ice pops recipe

champagne popsicles

Image: Princess Misia

This one doesn’t just sound great — it looks pretty too!

9. Watermelon tequila wedges recipe

watermelon wedges

This has to be the easiest way to make an adults-only treat this summer.

10. Peach sangria ice pops recipe


Image: Just a Taste

What’s better than sangria? Frozen sangria, of course!

11. Mango margarita pops recipe

mango margarita pops

Are mangoes the official fruit of summer? Because they really should be.

12. Strawberry riesling pops recipe


Image: Feed Me I’m Hungry

For when you want something a little sweeter, these strawberry pops should do the trick very nicely.

13. Piña colada ice pops recipe

pina colada pop

You’re going to need this poptail recipe for any impending beach vacation you’re going on.

14. Pomegranate and Champagne sangria ice pops recipe

cooking stoned popsicles

Image: Cooking Stoned

This is a deliciously fun way to use any late-season pomegranates you’re lucky enough to find!

15. Summer berry mojito pops recipe

summer berry pops

This grown-up take on the classic berry popsicle is sure to delight at a backyard barbecue.

16. Watermelon mojito ice pops recipe

watermelon mojito pops

Image: Sugar and Charm

With watermelons in season, you’ll want to put one (or two) to good use with a recipe like this.

17. Sex on the Beach ice pops recipe


Image: Bakers Royale

Whatever you think of the cocktail that inspired this ice pop, you’re sure to love this updated take.

18. Boozy fresh fruit puree pops recipe


These fresh pops are super simple to make — no special equipment required!

19. Pimm’s Cup ice pops recipe

Image: Shutterbean

Pimm’s Cup lovers will have a new go-to way to unwind this summer.

20. Mudslide ice pops recipe

mudslide pops

Image: Real Food by Dad

Can you even have a list of delicious summery treats without including a frozen fudge pop? This one is totally perfect.

21. Watermelon and mint gin pops recipe

watermelon mint gin pops

It doesn’t get more refreshing than a dash of mint on a hot summer’s day.

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