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Shake Shack is coming to Los Angeles and the West Coast is freaking out


SheKnows Editorial

It looks like the summer of 2016 will be the battle of the burgers in Los Angeles.

That’s because the widely revered Shake Shack is setting up shop in West Hollywood, making it the first SoCal outpost of the chain.

In Los Angeles, In-N-Out is king, but while East Coasters drool over the thought of a Double Double Animal Style with grilled onions, West Coasters instead dream of frozen custard, portobello mushroom burgers and grilled split hot dogs. Finally, their fast food wishes are about to come true.

Parks and Rec actor Ben Schwartz (aka Jean-Ralphio, my fave TV character of all time) is stoked:

Julie Chen is freaking out, too:

So, what can Angelenos expect on their first trip to Shake Shack? All-natural, antibiotic-free Angus beef burgers, for one. Niman ranch bacon, loaded hot dogs and beer and wine, for another. Shake Shack is definitely more upscale than In-N-Out, but both have equally fervent followers — and I’m guessing everyone in LA will be happy to have their options open.

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