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Use these Star Wars kitchen gadgets, and the Force will be with you

8. Lightsaber barbecue tongs

lightsaber bbq tongs


Become a Jedi grill master using these lightsaber barbecue tongs featuring lightsaber sound effects. (, $40)

9. Star Wars knife block

star wars knife block


Lightsabers weren’t the only game in town in a time long ago in a galaxy far, far away. After seeing what Han Solo did to that tauntaun with one, it’s a good thing this Star Wars knife block allows for slightly more precise juliennes. (, $100)

10. Han Solo in carbonite ice tray

han solo in carbonite ice cube tray


Since freezing your friends in carbonite is just mean, try these Han Solo in carbonite ice cube trays at your next nerd hoedown. (, $14) 

11. Darth Vader toaster helmet

darth vader toaster

Image: This Is Why I’m Broke

Use the Dark Side of the Force to give your toast some much-needed fatherly love with this toaster shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet. It toasts the image of Vader’s head on one side and the Star Wars logo on the other. (This Is Why I’m Broke, $45)

12. Vader and stormtrooper salt and pepper shakers

vader stormtrooper salt and pepper shakers


Sprinkle your french fries with a little Empirical goodness with these Darth Vader and stormtrooper salt and pepper shakers. If you’re truly one of the Emperor’s followers, you’ll put the pepper in the stormtrooper and the salt in Vader, ’cause that’s how the Dark Side rolls. (, $16)

13. R2-D2 pepper mill

r2d2 pepper mill


If you prefer your pepper freshly ground with the accuracy only a droid can provide, try this R2-D2 pepper mill. (, $58)

14. R2-D2 pizza cutter

r2d2 pizza cutter


It’s no surprise R2 is a popular featured character. Given all the gadgets he has hidden in his cylindrical body, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if one of them was this R2-D2 pizza cutter with sound effects — or maybe he just used his buzz saw. (, $18)

15. Star Wars cookie cutters

star wars cookie cutters

Image: ThinkGeek

Because your gingerbread ninja cookie cutters are totally played out, try these Star Wars-themed cookie cutters instead. (ThinkGeek, $15)

16. Death Star tea infuser

death star tea infuser


Maybe the reason Darth Vader had his undies in such a wad was his lack of daily afternoon tea. Could happen. This Death Star tea infuser with TIE fighter chain holder might have made him a little less grumpy. (, $29)

17. R2-D2 measuring cup set

r2d2 measuring cups


Don’t let anyone tell you these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. This adorable set of measuring cups can be assembled to resemble our beeping friend R2. (, $25)

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Originally published May 2015. Updated October 2016.

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