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10 Wine spritzer and appetizer pairings that make entertaining easy

Wine spritzers and apps are the perfect party fare as the weather gets warmer.

But how do you pair them? Stop stressing about how to match your wine with the ideal appetizer, and just follow the guide below. You’ll be dining in style with your party guests in no time.

1. Cucumber-mint spritzer with crudités and green goddess dip

cucumber drink green goddess dip

Images: Clinton Kelly (left), Honestly Yum (right)

Cooling cucumber and mint are the perfect match for a platter of fresh veggies and an herb-packed green goddess dip.

2. Apple and pear white sangria with Asian barbecue pork sliders

sangria and pork sliders

Images: Love Grows Wild (left), Up Close & Tasty (right)

The honeyed sweetness of this moscato-based spritzer pairs well with sweet and slightly spicy pork sliders, while apples and pears help cut through the unctuous hoisin-based barbecue sauce.

3. Sauvignon blanc spritzer with jalapeño poppers

wine and jalapeño poppers pairing

Images: Momtastic (left), Damn Delicious (right)

A fragrant, crisp sauvignon blanc with grassy, green pepper notes and just a dash of club soda is the perfect drink for baked jalapeño poppers. The acidity of the wine cuts through the creamy cheese, while the jalapeño brings out the more vegetal qualities of the wine.

4. Strawberry white wine spritzer with watermelon caprese

strawberry spritzer watermelon pairing

Images: The Weary Chef (left), Domestic Fits (right)

Sweet strawberries and a tart white wine are the perfect pairing for cool cubes of watermelon, creamy balls of fresh mozzarella and fresh basil drizzled with honeyed balsamic vinegar.

5. Moscato peach sangria with prosciutto-wrapped melon

peach sangria melon pairing

Images: the kitchn (left), Cooking on the Front Burner (right)

Fragrant, fruity moscato and peach balance the salty prosciutto and complement ripe, juicy melon. This pair is perfect for hot summer nights.

6. Zinfandel spritzer with sweet-and-sour meatballs

zin spritzer and meatball pairing

Images: The PennyWiseMama (left), This Week for Dinner (right)

The sweet and sour flavors of the classic cocktail meatball need something bold, and a red wine spritzer is just the ticket. Cut with lemon-lime soda and a squeeze of lime, a jammy zinfandel (not white zin!) really makes this match.

7. Syrah tinto de verano with balsamic-drizzled sausage mini pizzas

wine spritzer appetizer pairing

Images: Just Putzing Around the Kitchen (left), The Wicked Noodle (right)

Use a full-bodied red, syrah, as the backbone of this tinto de verano, a simple Spanish spritzer. Its dark fruitiness pairs beautifully with the fennel, oregano and other spices that make these sausage mini pizzas so tasty, while the acidity from the lemon helps balance the tangy balsamic drizzle.

8. Mango riesling spritzer with ginger-tamarind chicken wings

mango spritzer and chicken wings pairing

Images: Just Putzing Around the Kitchen (left), lohudfoodblog (right)

A fruity, floral reisling spritzer makes a fine match with sticky, slightly spicy tamarind-glazed chicken wings.

9. Sangria with cheese, charcuterie and crackers

sangria and cheese plate pairing

Images: SheKnows (left), Honestly Yum (right)

Sangria is sweet yet acidic and works well when it comes to balancing the heaviness that can come with fatty cheeses and cured meats. A platter of assorted rich cheeses, charcuterie and buttery crackers served alongside a pitcher of sangria is a match made in heaven.

10. Rosé spritzer with shrimp cocktail

rose spritzer shrimp cocktail pairing

Images: Skinnytaste (left), Sweet & Savory by Shinee (right)

A crisp yet fruity rosé spritzer over ice is the ideal companion to a platter of fresh chilled shrimp and zingy cocktail sauce.

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