17 Ice Tea Cocktail Recipes to Cool You Down This Summer

Jun 26, 2018 at 6:50 p.m. ET
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Just picture it: It's a sunny day, a perfect 80 degrees. You're gently rocking back and forth on a front porch swing. You're lightly gripping an ice-cold tea, but what no one realizes? Oh, that bad boy is spiked for sure.

Summertime calls for outdoor activities and plenty of cold cocktails — and ice tea cocktails are no exception. Plus, there are some recipes that are so damn good, you'll want to make batches upon batches of them and invite a few friends over to help you get through 'em. Because, hey, cocktails should be sipped among friends, right?

The best part? All the following recipes are incredibly easy to make. These are sure to be your new summertime faves. 

1. Bourbon ice tea

Summer Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes: Bourbon iced tea Image: I'm Bored Let's Go.

What we love about this particular take on bourbon ice tea is the addition of honey mint.

2. Spiked raspberry ice tea

Summer Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes: Raspberry iced tea Image: The Cookie Rookie.

This recipe uses fresh raspberry and is the perfect mix of sweet and tangy — perfect for when the temperatures start to heat up.

3. Sweet tea sangria

Summer Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes: Sweet tea sangria Image: Sugar Dish Me.

Because this is a sangria, you'll be using wine instead of liquor to make this cocktail boozy — perfect for a garden party or after-dinner treat.

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4. Lemon-mint ice tea

Summer Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes: Lemon-mint iced tea Image: Domesticate Me.

We love the combination of lemon and mint. It's a pairing that can really only be improved by rum, don't you think?

5. Sweet tea-vodka-lemonade mojitos

Summer Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes: Sweet tea vodka lemonade mojitos Image: Iowa Girl Eats.
How can anyone possibly pass up the triumvirate: sweet tea, vodka and mojitos. Perfection.

6. Tennessee orange-sweet tea cocktail

Summer Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes: Tennessee orange sweet tea cocktail Image: The Slow Roasted Italian.

Just imagine sitting on a porch swing sipping this tasty orange-sweet tea cocktail.

7. Raspberry-sweet tea cocktail

Summer Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes: Raspberry-sweet tea cocktail Image: Honey And Birch.

"Raspberry-sweet tea cocktail" might just be the most beautiful combination of words in the English language.

8. Lavender-lemonade cocktail

Summer Iced Tea Cocktail Recipes: Lavender iced tea Image: Food Babbles.

If you need to sweeten up this lavender ice tea, just use a bit of honey.

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A version of this article was originally published in May 2015.

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