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10 Easy espresso drinks to make at home (INFOGRAPHIC)

Use this easy drink guide to save time and money by making your very own espresso-based drinks right in your own kitchen.

Do you find yourself sitting in that long coffee drive-thru lane on a daily basis spending a small fortune on a caffeinated beverage? If you answered yes, this is the perfect go-to guide for you.

I, too, am a coffee addict — actually a caramel macchiato addict. It’s my go-to drink for a sweet treat when I’m dragging because I didn’t sleep well or when I’m socializing with friends. Coffee shops are usually super-expensive, especially if you’re a frequent visitor like me.

Instead of blowing through your cash, use this super-easy and helpful recipe chart for making your very own espresso drinks at home. Get creative by adding flavored syrups or basically anything you like to make your perfect hot drink.

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