16 Amazing grilled corn recipes that will make you plan a barbecue ASAP

Summer is the season for fresh grilled corn, but it can get boring if you’re just topping it with butter. Try these surprising toppings and mouthwatering recipes for a few new ways to serve up one of your favorite summer veggies.

1. Mexican grilled corn

Image: I Wash You Dry

Once you’ve eaten grilled corn smothered in sour cream, mayo, Parmesan cheese and chili powder, you’ll never eat it plain again.

2. Grilled corn fritters

Image: Table For Two

Create an exciting side dish by turning your grilled corn into fritters.

3. Grilled corn salad

Image: girlichef

The honey-lime dressing really takes this simple dish up a notch.

4. Grilled cheddar-bacon corn on the cob

Image: Raising Jane

Everything is better with bacon, right?

5. Grilled corn mango salsa

Image: Damn Delicious

This simple topping is great with chicken, pork, fish or even hot dogs. Grab the tortillas and scoop the leftovers up as a side dish.

6. Manchego grilled cheese with corn, jalapenos and chili butter

Image: Grilled Cheese Social

Grilled corn in your grilled cheese? Yes, please!

7. Grilled corn and potato chowder

Image: Let’s Dish

Grill your corn before adding it to chowder for an extra punch of flavor.

8. Black bean lettuce wraps

Image: Ruffles and Truffles

Grilled corn salsa is the key ingredient in these delicious and healthy black bean lettuce wraps.

9. Corn on the cob: Three ways

Don’t just make one type of corn on the cob — make three!

10. Grilled corn and poblano queso

Image: Sugar and Grace

There’s not much that can make a gooey cheese dip even better, but grilled corn does the trick.

11. Grilled corn with Sriracha scallion butter

Image: Domestic Fits

These days, we put Sriracha on everything, and corn should definitely not be left out.

12. Bean burgers with grilled corn and pesto

Image: How Sweet It Is

These vegetarian-friendly burgers will be an unexpected and pleasant surprise to guests at your next barbecue.

13. Cheesy roasted garlic corn on the cob

Image: Just a Taste

There’s so much cheese on that cob, you can’t even see the corn. But it’s in there, I promise.

14. Grilled corn and avocado salad

Image: For the Love of Cooking

This summery side is the perfect complement to any meal from the grill.

15. Grilled corn on the cob with cilantro pesto

Image: Little Yellow Barn

Cilantro pesto adds a fresh taste to this summer staple.

16. Asian grilled corn on the cob

Image: Creme de la Crumb

Spicy Asian sauce brings the fire to your grilled corn. The flavors in this quick dish can’t be beat.

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